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North Cyprus Travel Information

We provided some great tips and useful information for North Cyprus below.

Getting to North Cyprus

Flights are available every day throughout the year. Pegasus flies from London Stansted to the Ercan (Lefkosa) airport in North Cyprus as does Turkish Airlines from a number of UK airports and from other locations on the Continent. Flights too can be much better value away from the high season. Regardless of the season, it is always possible to fly to North Cyprus.

Another way of getting to Northern Cyprus is by ferry. There are daily ferry services from Tasucu (Mersin – Turkey)

Passport and Visa Requirements

In order to go to North Cyprus you don't need to have a visa. Any citizens from any counrties can visit Turkish Republic of North Cyprus as a tourists if they will come to local airport Ercan.The only requirement is a valid passport. If you don’t want to get your passport stumped you can obtain a separate form which will be stamped instead.

If you want to go to South Cyprus and cross a border, please check if you need a visa for entry. Because North and South Cyprus are different countries with different visa requirement. Few citizens from specific countries aren't allowed to go to South Cyprus without visa. But this does not include citizens from Europe, UK and America.
Please check if you need a visa if you aren't from Europe, UK or USA.

Border Crossing

If you are landing at Larnaca or Paphos airports in South Cyprus then you can cross the borders located in Nicosia, Famagusta or Yesilirmak near Lefke to visit Northern Cyprus. Ledra Palace located in the centre of Nicosia is a crossing point on foot. The separate form is also available to fild at those check-points.

Getting Around North Cyprus

You can either use local busses or rent a car to get around in North Cyprus.

Exploring the island by car is a great way to get around. The whole of North Cyprus is your playground. There is so much to see, Crusader castles, ancient sites, historic Famagusta, Lefkosa and the very beautiful and unspoilt Karpas peninsula where you might want to linger for a few days. North Cyprus car hire is very cheap compared to the other European countries.

Taxi service is available 24 hours. It is always better to carry a taxi number.

Public Transport

Cities in Northern Cyprus are well linked with public transportation. There are frequented busses running from one city to the other. If you would like to use public transportation to visit small villages, you need to go to main bus station in North Nicosia.

Traffic Information

Driving is on the left in Northern Cyprus. Traffic rules are quite similar to the ones in the UK. You should have a valid driving licence and over 17 to be able to drive.


The currency of Northern Cyprus is Turkish Lira. GBP, EUR and USD are widely accepted in the shops. It is always better to have some Turkish Lira with you if you are visiting small villages. Exchange offices are available in the towns.

Electrical Sockets

3 pin electrical sockets are used. Voltage is 220/240 volts AC.

North Cyprus Weather

North Cyprus has typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are dry and hot, winters are mild and rainy. In winter, periods of rain alternate with warm, sunny days. North Cyprus weather attracts holidaymakers, property buyers and retirees for many years. It offers more than 300 days of sunshine throughout the year.

The best time to visit North Cyprus begins in April. However, each season offers something different. Beach lovers come between April and November. Bikers and hikers come during cooler months. If you love spring flowers March, April and May are the months you may visit Northern Cyprus. Mountains and fields fill with colourful flowers.

North Cyprus Weather in Winter

Winter may be the coldest time of the year but it is still very much warmer than Europe. Daytime temperatures in December average around 18 C, a little cooler at 16 C in January and around the same in February. Temperatures matter less when the sun is shining, and there is plenty of warm sunshine throughout the winter months. Pick a sheltered spot and you can sunbathe just as long as the sun shines.

Cycling, particularly mountain biking, is another activity particularly enjoyed at this time of the year before temperatures rise too high. It is an ideal time and opportunity for athletes and triathletes to build up their fitness.

North Cyprus Food & Drink

Food and drink is one of the pleasures of taking a holiday abroad, especially in North Cyprus. The food generally follows the Turkish cuisine but the drinking habits are not always the same. Both are Muslim countries but North Cyprus is more relaxed about religion. On the mainland, many of the very traditional eating places do not sell any alcohol but in North Cyprus it is widely available in restaurants, shops and supermarkets.

There is a local drink, ayran, which is very popular. This is just a slightly salty yoghurt drink which is popular all year around but is especially valued in the hot summer months. Not only does it serve as a drink but it makes a valuable contribution in keeping up salt levels. This is so important in summer to avoid stress due to low salt levels.

The local beer is Efes and a cold beer is very welcome on a hot day. There are other international brands available both in the shops and restaurants.

Raki is another drink popular with the locals. It is a strong alcoholic aniseed flavoured clear spirit very similar to ouzo. It is not normally drunk neat but diluted with about two parts of water when it promptly turns milky. Ice often makes up part of the water. Looking on the supermarket shelves, there are plenty of different brands available and everybody has their own favourite but to the untutored they are indistinguishable.

Wine is on the drinks menu is most restaurants but mostly it is Turkish wine. There are one or two very drinkable wines in both the red and white sections. Both Angora red and white are popular wines and regulars on wine lists. The red is fairly full bodied with good fruit flavours. A slightly fuller red wine is Yakut and again this is popular and turns up on many wine list. The white equivalent of Yakut is Cankaya.

There are plenty of soft drinks available including lots of fruit juices. A very popular drink with visitors is portocal suyu, orange juice. Even small things like the food and drink help to make your North Cyprus holidays memorable.

One of the unexpected delights of North Cyprus is the delicious cuisine. As you would expect it is closely similar to the Turkish cuisine but it does differ. Thanks to the island situation as an important trading post over many centuries, There are influences from the East and Middle East that have found their way into the cuisine which are not found in Turkey. There are two vegetables in particular which spring to mind, kolokas and molohiya.

Kolokas which is known in different parts of the world as colocasia or taro, is a tuberous rooted plant widely known in the east, in Asia, India and beyond. The large tubers are edible and known to be popular amongst ancient Egyptians. It was grown along the fertile banks of the Nile and is believed to be one of the oldest cultivated foods known to man.

It is delicious when properly cooked. As a taste it is hard to describe, rather like a buttery, melting potato or somewhere between a potato and a sweet potato. There is a trick in the preparation and cooking which is essential to get good results. The huge tuber should not be peeled only washed and cleaned as well as possible. Next, with a sharp knife, it is important not to actually cut the vegetable but, starting from the top, chip off bite size pieces.

The most popular dish which uses kolokas in North Cyprus is kolokas chicken which appears on the menus in the restaurants serving traditional North Cypriot dishes.

Molohiya is a green, leafy vegetable dish well known throughout Arab countries and, like kolokas, it goes under a wide variety of names. There is a season when it is available fresh but for most of the year it is bought dried. The dried leaf is reconstituted by soaking overnight. The Egyptians make a very popular green soup from molohiya but in North Cyprus the most popular dish is again with chicken. In taste molohiya is distinctive, it is not quite spinach but is rather more herb-like.


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